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Don’t take our word for it, hear about the great care our clients received at HVDOS.

Dr. Queck was an amazing doctor who detailed everyting so you know exactly what you're up against...

your options, the procedure that needed to take place, and the cost. It was stressful, overwhelming, and costly, but I made the decision to extract my girl's teeth. Dr. Queck and her techs did an AMAZING job! Suvi was never in pain. The first few days after surgery were slightly challenging, but she made a FULL recovery.


“The staff and doctors here are the best. Professional, KIND, very patient and they take their time to explain everything in detail. They listen to you and involve you in every aspect of the care plan. This is our 2nd time needing their services as my dog somehow keeps breaking his teeth! We live over 2 hours away and they went out of their way to get Trent all fixed up in one trip.”


“We can’t say enough great things about Dr Queck and her staff. The kindness, expertise and care we experienced were second to none- we would not consider going anywhere else.”


“This hospital was fantastic. My big boy Hershel needed a lower canine tooth removed after being hit by a car while with a previous owner. They cared for him like he was their own best friend. Loved him up and skillfully fixed the issue. I do recommend 100%.”


Our sweet Cloey (cat) was 17 years old. Over the weekend, she started having trouble eating. I noticed her jaw looked like it wasn't lining up properly. We took her to the emergency vet who said it was fractured. She's an indoor cat and treated like a princess, so we had no idea how this could have happened. They sent us home with pain medicine. On Monday, I called the Hospital for Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery. Our entire experience was filled with compassion and professionalism. They were booked full for the day but the sweet lady who answered the phone (Marcia I think) said she would try to get us in. She called me back shortly and said to come over at lunch. Due to COVID, they have you park and call the office when your arrive. They take your pet inside and you wait in the car. I was greeted by vet tech. I think her name was Suzanne. She was reassuring and promised they would take care of Cloey. She explained the process and told me they would do a CT scan to see what was going on with Cloey's jaw. She detailed out the cost and answered all my questions. But more than that she listened to me talk about how Cloey had been with me for so long and how much I loved her. After they did the exam and CT scan, Dr. Queck called me to tell me the news. She said she would come out and talk to me in person. My poor Cloey had an aggressive mouth cancer that had eaten into the jaw. She explained to me that they could try to repair it but it wouldn't be the right thing to do. Cloey was in pain and the cancer was a fast type. She spent quite a bit of time talking to me and listening to me talk about Cloey. She didn't rush me at all. I asked if I could have my husband come and she said yes and to take my time. Shortly thereafter, Suzanne called and told me they had set up a room for me to be with Cloey. My husband and I spent quite a bit of time with Cloey saying goodbye. Both Suzanne and Dr. Queck came in to be with us at the end.

I'm very grateful for the compassion of the entire team.


“I’ve always been very meticulous with the care of my Golden Retriever Charlie especially his teeth. I brushed his teeth daily and examined his mouth often. A few months ago he broke one of his teeth possibly through chewing. I didn’t know what to do at first until I did some research on pet dentistry and found the Hospital For Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery. We live far so there was a lot of planning and coordinating for Charlie’s Treatment. Charlie needed a root canal and crown. They were wonderful with helping me with insurance claims, scheduling his surgery, explaining everything in detail from the procedure to aftercare, and they kept me informed of his progress along the way as he was recovering and called us to check on how he was doing when we got home. They treated us very kindly and were wonderful. Charlie is now used to his crown and everyone thinks it looks so cool! Thank you so much for taking such great care of our Charlie!”


“I absolutely LOVE this hospital!!! I had such an amazing experience with my first dog that I commuted 3 hours from Raleigh when my other dog broke her tooth a year later. The entire staff is insanely kind and caring, and love my dogs as much as I do! The doctors are so knowledgeable and talented, and same goes for the technicians. Emily, the receptionist, is absolutely lovely and a joy to engage with. Costs can be steep, but this is a referral hospital with highly qualified employees (so it comes with the territory). And I was provided with a detailed estimate before surgery, so I knew exactly what to expect. This is a fantastic hospital, and I cannot say enough good things about it! HIGHLY recommended!!”


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